These are some of our achievements.

In September 2016 the Bishop of Homabay Rt. Rev Philip Anyolo posted Rt.Rev.FR.Abraham Ayieko to serve as the chaplain for the Rongo university catholic students, a group which later adopted St. Vincent De Paul as their patron saint through Bishop’s discretion. Under the leadership of Rev.Fr. Abraham Ayieko, the chaplaincy has made significant strides some of which are highlighted as follows:

  • Carrying out several charities in line with the charisma of the patron saint. To mention but afew, St. Karl children’s home in Kisii, Kwoyo Kodalo home for the disabled, Migori prison, visiting the old around Kitere area, baby peter project etc.
  • Social activities which bring together members of the St. Vincent De Paul chaplaincy occasionally.
  • Establishment of the Youcat teachings directly by the chaplain which inculcates in the students moral and spiritual values.
  • Acquisition of a hall only designated for the catholic students within the university premises.
  • Administration of the sacraments by the chaplain at regular basis.
  • Establishment of strong small Christian communities.
  • Strong chaplaincy choir which has recorded and produced the first video album.
  • Strong vocations nursery with 3 of the alumni team joining major seminary formations i.e. (Augustine Sinda, Urbanus Kioko (IMC), Samson Matinde)
  • Establishment of the chaplaincy alumni network.

Appreciation goes to the chairpersons who have led the chaplaincy along the years to the greater heights it stands today:

  • Fred Abich
  • Thaddeus Omanje
  • Urbanus Kioko
  • Yitzhak Sowe.
  • Antony Mumo
  • Arori kevin