The purpose of the alumni association is to consolidate all the willing catholic alumni of Rongo University in order to establish a strong network with the following objectives but not limited to:

  • Expressing desire to remain friends of the chaplaincy and offer support to the development projects of the chaplaincy.
  • Providing mentorship to the current and linkages to attachments/internships and other opportunities in the field of work.
  • Establishing unending family of the alumni of St. Vincent De Paul chaplaincy.
  • Supporting an individual member in dire personal needs.

We hope that former students of Rongo University who profess the Catholic faith will want to keep in touch and periodically have moments of reminiscing their social, academic and spiritual life during their times in the university. We therefore need to establish an environment where you can just “drop and say hi” at St. Vincent De Paul chaplaincy whether you were here a year ago or fifty!

We are continuing to develop a database of the catholic alumni so that if you can register with us, we will keep you up to date with the prospective developments.


Alphonce Munyao.